The following datasheets of pcb material used by A-TECH CIRCUITS, as well as general information, are available for downloading.. Please note that the PCB material listed below may be replaced by technically equivalent or similar materials, according to available stocks on hand. Please inquire case by case when working with critical tolerances.

1. Rigid FR4 PCB Material

Datasheets Remarks
ShengYi S1141 Standard FR4
ShengYi S1000-2 Low CTE, High-Tg FR4
ShengYi S1165 High-Tg, halogen-free FR4
ShengYi S1600 High CTI FR4

2. Flexible PCB Material

Datasheets Remarks
ShengYi FCCL-SF201 Single-sided Adhesiveless PI
ShengYi FCCL-SF202 Double-sided Adhesiveless PI
ShengYi SF302C Coverlay

3. MCPCB/Metal core PCB Material

Datasheets Remarks
PTTC TCB products Ploytronics metal substrate
Chaoshun CCAF-01&04&05 Chaoshun metal substrate

4. RF, Microwave/High frequency PCB Material

Datasheets Remarks
Rogers RO4000 Series Glass reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic
Taconic TLX PTFE-Glass
Taconic RF35 PTFE Ceramic-Glass
Arlon Microwave Materials Microwave & RF materials

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