Microwave/RF PCB & Ceramic PCB & Rogers PCB

Microwave/RF PCB & High Frequency PCB uses materials of excellent dielectric property for its main body with other dielectric materials and metal substrates matched to complete corresponding multi-layer processing or thick-film processing and manufacture and to achieve the transmission functions of excellent high thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant, high frequency and high speed.

RF PCB are widely used in microwave transmission, Automobile telephone, wireless networks, wireless communications and satellite microwave communications, in particular the popularity of 3G networks exacerbate the market demand for the product on the RF PCB.

In order to meet increasing demands of Microwave & RF PCB for our customers all around the world, we have increased investment and intensity of research & development on Microwave high frequency PCB over the last few years. We're now experienced in professional production of various high-frequency circuit boards from quick turn prototypes to production run. For most of RF PCB materials (such as: Ceramic PCB, Teflon PCB, Rogers PCB, Taconic PCB, Arlon PCB), we have sufficient inventory to ensure fast delivery.

General specification for Microwave/RF PCB

Layer count: 1-6
Board thickness: 0.2-3.2mm
Copper thickness: 0.5-4oz
Dielectric Constant(DK): 2.2-10.3
Min trace width/spacing: 4/4mil
Min drill hole size: 0.2mm
Surface treatment: HAL(Lead free), Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver, OSP, Gold Plating.
Material available: Teflon, Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, etc.


Rogers-4350-pcb1. Rogers 4350 PCB/Ceramic PCB

Layer count: Single-sided PCB
Board thickness: 0.8mm
Copper thickness: 1oz 
Dielectric Constant(DK): 3.48
Surface treatment: Immersion Gold


Rogers-4003-pcb2. Rogers 4003 PCB/Ceramic PCB

Layer count: Double-sided PCB
Board thickness: 1.6mm
Copper thickness: 1oz 
Dielectric Constant(DK): 3.38
Surface treatment: Immersion Silver


rf-pcb3. Taconic TLX-8 PCB/PTFE/Teflon PCB

Layer count: Double-sided PCB
Board thickness: 1.6mm
Copper thickness: 3oz 
Dielectric Constant(DK): 2.55
Surface treatment: Immersion Silver


Ceramic-pcb4. Arlon TC350 PCB

Layer count: Double-sided PCB
Board thickness: 0.8mm
Copper thickness: 2oz
Dielectric Constant(DK): 3.5
Surface treatment: Immersion Gold


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